Simonton Community Church now has two Worship Services on Sunday mornings.

Both Worship Services are identical with the same music and sermon.

Plan to be a part of a L.I.F.E. Studies class too!
We offer classes for all ages.


8:30 A.M. & 11:00 A.M.




Don’t miss Pastor Steve’s current sermon series in the book of Luke.
Pastor Steve will take us through Luke’s account of the life of Jesus.
We will focus on the book of Luke through May.  Following are some of the upcoming sermons:
February 19th – Amazing Story of Promise – Luke 2:1-20
February 26th – God Has A Plan – Luke 2:21-52
March 5th – They Showed Up – Luke 3:1-38
March 12th – Weak & Tempted – Luke 4:1-13
March 19th – Real Ministry – Luke 4:14-30
March 26th – Power…Over Demons & Disease – Luke 4:31-44