Get Connected

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  1.  “Pay it Forward/Behind”.  Pay for the person’s order in front/behind you at the drive-thru.

  2. “Howdy Neighbor”.  Introduce yourself to your neighbor on the North side of your home.

  3. “I Got That”.  With their permission, mow someone else’s lawn.

  4. “Who Dunnit?”  Anonymously pay a portion, or all, of a student’s tuition for one semester.

  5. “Check it Out”.  Pay for the person behind you at the grocery store check out line.

  6. “Here to Help”.  Volunteer to help at your local food bank once a week for 6 months.

  7. “Double the Tip”.  Next time you are at a restaurant, double the tip for your server.

  8. “Sign Me Up”.  Sign up as a bone marrow donor.

  9. “C-mon Over”. Invite neighbors or co-workers over for coffee and dessert.

  10. “Gone Fishin”.  Invite a new friend fishing.

  11. “Donate the Red Stuff”. Donate a pint of your blood at SCC’s next blood drive on November 15th.

  12. “Food for Thought”.  Bring a meal over to a new neighbor in your neighborhood.

  13. “Choose the Long Line” at the grocery store and make conversation with the person in front or behind you.

  14. “Buy a Love Goat” for a family in another country through Samaritan’s Purse Ministry.

  15. “You Go in Front of Me”.  Let the person with less items go before you in the line at the grocery store, etc.

  16. “Buy a Live Chicken” for a family in another country through Samaritan’s Purse Ministry.

  17.   “We’re Off to Mongolia”.  Travel to Mongolia, or some other place the Spirit may lead you, for a short-term ministry/mission.

  18.   “Operation Christmas Child”.  Load some shoeboxes with gifts for kids in third-world countries, through Samaritan’s Purse (

  19.   “Here for You”.  Volunteer next Saturday to meet with families in need and get information from them for our Christmas Coalition program.

  20.   “Come Join Us”.  Invite a local teen to SCC’s Youth Ministry, especially if they don’t have a church home.

  21.   “Tell Your Story”.  Share your testimony of coming to faith in Christ with someone who may not yet know the Lord.

  22.   “Let’s Eat”.  Invite someone to SCC’s Thanksfest on Friday night, November 20th, especially if they don’t have a church home.

  23.   “Come to the Concert”.  Invite an un-churched friend to the SCC Christmas Concert on December 13th at 10:30 am.  Plan to meet them here.

  24.   “Pay it Backward”.  Pay for the person’s order behind you at the drive-thru.